They can probably afford it.

Five years after the debut of the 707-horsepower Hellcat V8 in the Challenger and Charger, Dodge has officially Hellcatted all the things. Every Dodge vehicle for 2021 offers the bonkers supercharged engine as an option, though the automaker also culled its lineup by dropping the Journey and Grand Caravan. Only a trifecta of Dodges remain, which is ironic because the average Hellcat owner has at least three cars. Coincidence? Almost certainly.

This interesting tidbit of info comes from Muscle Cars & Trucks, which received Hellcat owner statistics straight from Dodge. The report states the average new vehicle customer in the U.S. owns 2.8 cars, though it’s not clear if that number refers to individuals or households. Regardless, the stats from Dodge reportedly show that number jumps to 3.8 if a Hellcat is in the mix. In theory, that means most buyers aren’t starving themselves for the chance to own the monster V8.

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It certainly makes sense. Hellcat-powered Chargers or Challengers aren’t bad as daily drivers, but having 700-plus horsepower underfoot does get rather thirsty at the pump. We also suspect many of these cars at least get some kind of exhaust upgrade, and even the hardcore muscle fans enjoy a quiet commute every once in a while. Having a Hellcat for an occasional car with at least a pickup truck and SUV in the garage is a logical arrangement. And with new Hellcat-powered Chargers and Challengers easily costing over $70,000 new, buyers probably have some disposable income for additional rides.

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It will be interesting to see how the stats change now that Dodge offers a Hellcat-powered Durango. With three rows of seats and 710 hp it’s certainly the most practical of all the hell children, and frankly, we struggle to see buyers relegating this SUV as a fun car that only comes out on weekends.

However, with a price that approaches $100,000 and a production window of just six months, the Durango might not sell enough units to move the needle.